Tôi yêu nước việt nam

How I fell in love with Vietnam

Thanks to my parents, who took me to Chinese restaurants since my early childhood  (asian restaurants were quite unusual in our country at the time). I have built a very positive attitude towards Asian cuisine. When I first tasted real Vietnamese cuisine many years later – It was love at the first bite.

The perfect balance of flavors… sweet, salty, sour and umami… mmmh! I really adore fish sauce! And those piles of fresh herbs and vegetables! I immediately realized that my stomach lay somewhere between the north and center of Vietnam!

A visit to Vietnam quickly turned into a plan

Soon after I met a few absolutely wonderful people from the Vietnamese community, and we became very close friends. Thanks to them, I wanted to get to know Vietnam even outside the kitchen borders. At that time, my plan to visit Vietnam was born. (Thank you Hoang and Lynn ;])

Immediately after leaving the airport gate in Hanoi, I totally fell in love with Vietnam. And basically, I fell in love with the country every day more and more for the whole month I spent there. From the north, the border with China to the south, the Mekong Delta, I met amazing people, breathtaking sceneries, tasted the delicious street food and experienced the most incredible adventures. Already during the departure from Vietnam, I began to miss that country…

And I missed it even though I was sunbathing on one of the most beautiful paradise-like beaches in the Philippines. It was clear to me that I had to return there as soon as possible… Unfortunately, before I booked the ticket, the pandemy came and I had to postpone my plan. So for now, I’m learning Vietnamese, sharpening my chopstics, and waiting for Vietnam to reopen its borders to Westerners.

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